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Pet Praise Products, previously known as Pet Praise Memorials started in 2001 Winston-Salem, North Carolina providing pet cremation urns to the pet cremation industry, and now distributes products to most of the 50 United States and Canada. We began by importing wooden pet urns from a supplier and friend in Romania and are now the exclusive North American supplier of these wooden pet urns. 

As we developed close working relationships with our clients, we and our supplier developed design modifications and new models to better fit the market and its needs. From this relationship, we developed successful products such as our picture urns. As we grew in the industry, we have found other reliable, quality suppliers and now also offer urns in teak-type wood and brass from India. 

Our basic wooden urns are from an area in Romania called Bucovina, which is located in the Carpathian Mountain region of Romania. When translated, Bucovina means "land of the beech trees." Our Romanian urns are handcrafted of solid oak. The ash wood used for our Romanian urns is harvested from state-managed forests to assure that the forests are maintained for the future. Also, Bucovina is renowned for the quality workmanship of its craftsmen, and the people handcrafting our urns are preserving that tradition. 

Recently, Pet Praise has added other products that cherish pets, their owners, and the bond between them. Pet Praise Products believes the bond between humans and their pets is an important one and should be cherished no matter what the event. Items such as Grooming Products, gifts, and treats are just some ways to let your pet know they are loved! 

McKenzie Associates, the company that provides/enables Pet Praise Memorial Products, provides quality Human cremation urns. It is a member of both the International Association of Pet and the Cremation Society of North, where we are a featured supplier to the industry.