February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day. Sixty-seven percent of U.S. households own a pet. This equates to about 85 million families. Pets are not just pets. To many of us, pets are fury family members. Pet companions help to ease pain, mend broken hearts, be a friend when one feels lonely, alleviate stress, and even save lives. 

On Valentine’s Day, humans give chocolate, teddy bears, and roses to our loved ones to show appreciation and affection. But what about our favorite companions. Here are a few ideas to spoil your favorite dog, cat, fish, hamster......


Take a Long Walk, hike, or better yet a special outing to a dog park.


Teach Your pet a new trick, help make them smarter.  All animals can learn to do new things even fish can be trained to come for treats. Teaching new tricks to dogs, new puzzle toys for cats, new rocks or castles for the fishes aquarium, and even a new habitat for the hamster to stimulate their minds and keep them sharp.


Have a date night and snuggle with your companion if they like that sort of thing. If not give them a special gift a new bed, chew toy, outfit, or special treat.


Some pets loved to be groomed.  What a great way to show your love by pampering them with a bath, nail trim, or a good brushing.  Don't forget special touches to pamper like a neckerchief or nail polish and bows.  If grooming is not their thing, why not pamper them with a massage.  Yes you read that right.  Massages are beneficial for both dogs and cats.  Helps their sore muscles, reduces stress and anxiety, increase circulation and will strengthen your bond between you making it a perfect activity for showing your love.


Unfortunately, though we love our pets while they are with us, we also miss them dearly when they are gone. When one's pet passes away, the pain can be unbearable. There are many ways to show love for our dearest pet companions, even after they have crossed the rainbow bridge. One way is with a personalize memorial or urn. Keeping photos or videos of you beloved pet is another way to keep their memory and love for them alive.


How would you spoil your pet for National Love Your Pet Day? If you have unfortunately lost a pet companion, how will you show that they will forever be in your heart?



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