The holiday season is upon us and it’s normal to feel lonely or sad. Maybe this is the first holiday season without your precious pet or maybe it’s the 5th holiday without your best friend.


Either way, we want you to know that you are not alone. Thousands of pet owners across the world have the feeling of emptiness that you are experiencing. Did you know studies show that most pet owners feel closer to their pets than their actual family members or friends? So for anyone who is unable to understand what it feels like to lose a pet, you should know it’s as hurtful as losing someone close to you.


Loss of a pet may bring up feelings of denial, anger, or depression, which is completely normal. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, the author of On Death & Dying, mentioned that there is no specific order for these emotions to arise. However, acceptance is deemed to be the final stage of grieving as it is the time when you begin to feel as if everything is getting back to normal, your new normal at least. 


“Acceptance is the final stage, but accepting a loss does not mean forgetting the memories. At this stage, you may feel like your life is becoming normal again and you may even consider adopting another pet.”


Our community is built around remembering your beloved pet whether it’s the holiday season, their birthday, or just a quiet Sunday afternoon that they cross your mind. Maybe it’s one of our customer bracelets or state of the art dog and cat urn. Our mission is to make your grieving process a little easier and to lend a helping hand if needed.


The feeling of loss for an owner doesn’t just go away but we encourage you to focus on the good times. The walk through the park or a time when you cuddled with your pet to watch a Christmas movie. Maybe it’s how you dressed them up for Halloween or the very first day you held them in your arms. 

Hold those moments close.