It’s that time of the year when celebrating 4th of July means food, friends, and best of all, fireworks. Although we may enjoy the colorful blast into the air, our pets may be a totally different story. For them, fireworks are pretty much terrifying. The first set fireworks are let loose and they might slightly jump out of place. However, they are totally unprepared for the continuous blasts of bursting colors into the air. Therefore, their nervous system goes completely out of control. 


Below are some tricks to keep your pet as calm as possible. 

 - Make Today full of indoor activities. Being in the house is the first line of defense.

- Be sure to secure any entry ways - you don’t want your pet escaping into them midnight hour.

- Some pets may require a sleep aid. 

- Try to mask the fireworks with TV’s, AC’s, radios, etc. 


Have any additional tips? Comment below. 


Happy 4th of July Everyone!